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Cookware Review of Todd English Green Pan

6 August 2009 102,051 views 104 Comments

Green Pan 12″ Fry Pan Todd English Collection

todd_english_cookware_green_panBackground Information on GreenPan.

We recently spent some time with this pan in our test kitchen and we liked what we experienced.  Before we get into the details of the review lets cover some background information on this cookware line.  GreenPan cookware is the first completely PTFE-free non-stick cookware that utilizes the revolutionary Thermolon technology.  Thermolon is the first patented ceramic-based non-stick coating that performs at high temperatures without deterioration.  Because PTFE and PFOA are not used in manufacturing there are 60% less CO2 emissions in the application of Thermolon compared to some other non-stick coatings.

Green Pan is Eco-friendly and performs exceptionally well.

Not only is this GreenPan Fry Pan environmentally friendly but it also performs beautifully in the kitchen.  The first thing we noticed is how light although well constructed the pan was.  Although the pan is light it still feels sturdy.  The handle is riveted to the pan which prevents the handle from coming loose and having give to it like a handle that is attached with bolts.

So how well does the pan heat?

The second thing we noticed was how quickly it heats up and how evenly the heat is dispersed.  The first few times you use this pan you probably want to use a lower heat setting until you figure out how it heats up with your stove.  We were able to use medium heat on dishes that we would normally cook on medium-high.  Although the pan heats quickly the end of the handle stays very cool up to about halfway to the pan.

Does the handle get hot when cooking?

green_pan_todd_english_live_hot_handleOne, of very few complaints that we could come up with while using this pan is how hot the half of the handle closest to the pan becomes.  Most newer cookware handles are constructed with a V shape where the handle connects to the pan.  This allows for heat disbursement and helps keep the whole handle cool.  Although the part of the handle closest to the pan gets hot, there is still plenty of room for your hand on the handle, it is just important to keep in mind not to grab the handle close to the pan.  While this is a design flaw, it wouldn’t be a deterrent for us when considering purchasing this product.


The Non-stick coating worked perfectly.

By following some standard rules of cooking with non-stick cookware we had no problems with sticking at all.  When testing the pan, we heated it to medium heat and poured some olive oil in the pan and before placing our meat in the pan we allowed it to sit out for 10-15 minutes.  We did notice that it was a little difficult to see when the olive oil was swirling due to the light color of the non-stick coating but again this wasn’t a major issue and wouldn’t deter us from purchasing this pan.  The non-stick coating made clean up a breeze.  We simply wiped the pan clean with a paper towel after use.
Overall this Pan performed wonderfully.

The dish we prepared was Pork Medallions with Crimini (Baby Portabella) Mushroom Sauce.  The pork came out perfect and was so tender that it virtually melted your mouth.  After cooking we noticed that some of the finish had scratched off the bottom of the pan while using it for sauteing. Scratches became less visible after hand washing but were still noticeable.


Final Thoughts

To recap this pan is nothing extremely fancy.  It is just a good quality,  simple pan that performs beautifully.  As you read in the article we listed a total of three complaints that we found while testing this pan but none of them were enough to keep us from loving every second of cooking with this wonderful piece of cookware.  This is definitely a recommended purchase by the cookwarebuzz team.

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  • JH said:

    Completely disagree with your review. You need to live with it and use it for a little while and you’ll discover – as I and many others have- that everything starts sticking after a number of uses. Even when using oil and butter everything sticks with these so called non-stick pans. Eggs – forget about it. Burgers stick. Stir fry sticks. Bacon sticks. Look at the HSN forum (where Todd sells this junk) and you’ll see many posts saying the same thing. Worst cookware I have ever used. NOT “green” at all when it ends up in the landfill! Feel very duped and betrayed by what they portray on HSN and elsewhere about these pans. I could show you my photos of awful cooking experiences. End up having to scrape stuff off these pans. And the nano-nonstick also is starting to flake off.
    Todd should be ashamed to keep promoting this junk. They are not Green Pans, I call them Greed Pans.
    Please throughly use and research these pans before saying they perform beautifully and the non-stick worked perfectedly. Use and live with these pans and get back to us.

  • admin (author) said:

    Thanks for the comment. We will be doing an extended review of this pan. It did work very well on first use. We will be following up with many more articles on this pan as well. Remember this is first use so that means nothing to how well it will hold up. I have read mixed reviews on this pan as well. The company decided to send it for our review. So we gave them the opportunity. Please stay tuned as we continue to use this pan in the kitchen.

  • Lisa said:

    I have received three of these pans as gifts and I love them. I use them so much that they rarely get put away. They stay on the stove clean and ready to go. I have had the 12″ pan the longest and have had issues with sticking, but you know what? They have a warranty on them if purchased through QVC and they will replace it. Now, on that note, the 12″ open fry pan is so popular that they have a hard time keeping it in stock, I waited and waited and then called them. They gave me an option of upgrading to the hard anodized braiser or the chicken fryer at no extra cost. I have since received that braiser and it is just as magnificent as the other ones. In the merchandise world you have to give them credit. Sometimes there are a few items that go out and are defective, but they stand by their product and replace it or give you your money back no questions asked. They did not even ask for the defective pan back. I personally love these pans and would buy every one of them if I could afford it. I have owned them since Christmas of 08 and I use them all the time!! I wish I could afford all of them so that I could do everything, but alas, I am a stay at home Mom with only a single income and have only gotten them as gifts….luckily I have a mother in law who loves me!!

    Thanks Todd English, I love these pans…naysayers begone!!

  • Greg said:

    My stepfather recently asked me to get on the net and see if I could come up with some contact info reguarding GreenPan cookware, as he does`nt have a computer. Seems some of his pans are losing the “thermolon” coating on one of his pans. Any info would be very much appreciated. Thanx Greg

  • admin (author) said:

    Green Pan Contact Information

    If they were purchased from HSN:
    HSN Customer Service at 800.933.2887 (8 am-1 am ET)

  • Test Chef said:

    Greetings from the test kitchen. I have been trying to kill this pan every day for a month now and it is still the only pan I want to use. The non-stick surface is holding up very well. I have even used the pan to saute’ veggies on the grill. From bacon and eggs to salmon cakes, this pan is still performing well. I will continue to use and report on this pan as I try to wear it out.

  • JH said:

    Thank you admin for posting my comments about your review of the so called “green pan”.

    Lisa, where do I start? First, as you probably know QVC doesn’t sell Todd English “green pans” HSN does. I have some suspicion when someone appears who is so over excited about these pans. When you see the posts on the HSN forum where 90% + of the people are dissatisfied (putting it kindly).
    There is only one thread right now on HSN forum and there are about 12-13 people saying these pans are horrible and everything sticks. People are angry as money and pans are thrown in the trash –especially in this economy it makes it even worse.
    There have been numerous other threads on HSN complaining about these pans, but they are gone now. Either removed or now they only allow threads active in the last few weeks. But there is one on HSN now with all complaints about the Todd English “green pan” – and I don’t think I saw one person saying they love or even like the pans….

    Thanks for the customer service info, but don’t try getting your money back (you pay shipping of course for products that don’t perform as promised) if you’ve had the pans after 30 days — when the problems start / pans stick. There have been lots of previous posts where people talk about contacting customer service and are referred to Joy Mangano’s company Ingenious Designs — to no avail — no one answers calls or gets back to people. And the so called Good Housekeeping seal and promise appears to be a joke too — huge run around to get any reimbursement for the pans.

    I don’t want to hear that “oh maybe a few defective pans get out there” , that’s like saying HSN has gotten no complaints about these pans. Just look at the forum, if the thread is still there – I’ve had some of my comments deleted.

    Sorry to be ranting and rambling about this, but I get so angry when I see them continuing to push these awful pans. And Todd says, among other things, “these pans will last a lifetime” and “you can enjoy cooking again”…LOL or crying out loud.
    I have photos, too.

    Thank you.

  • JH said:

    Don’t know if this will work, but I am posting a link where people are talking about how horrible the green pans are. Who knows, maybe they sent you some extra special version of their green pans that they made sure would manage to hold up?


  • LFC said:

    My wife bought a set of these pans about 3 months ago. We’ve been using the small frying pan constantly for eggs. I use a bit of cooking spray and that’s it. I also tend to leave the pan lying on a cool portion of the stove and don’t clean it up until I need it the next day.

    Our experience has been like tester’s above. Nothing sticks. In the non-stick department, this stuff blows away our old Circulon and current Calpholon pans. I do use plastic utensils, but we haven’t seen a mark on the pan surface yet. To clean it, I give it a quick spin with a paper towel which removes everything but a thin coating of oil, which I then wash off normally. Every few weeks, we run it through the dishwasher just for sterility purposes. (We both have medical issues.)

    We’ll keep an eye to see if they start to fail but, as of now, we see none of the problems others have reported.

  • JH said:

    Here you go, many more people hating these horrible pans. This blog has many negative comments…
    (I hope this link works, it’s on the Daily Danny “green” site)


    I liked this comment in particular:
    “Take heed! These pans are terrible! What’s worse is the road to getting your money back is difficult and endless enough to rather say “so long” to your hard earned $120+ (depending what set and where you got them) than invest the time.

    My experience with this product has been no different than the growing list of complaints of indelibly burnt pans and people who have owned them no longer than a handful of meals. Oh and by the way, I treated these pans the same way I do my most expensive on the rack. Without high heat, without soap, and without scrubbing. Followed the instructions diligently and still; singes, burns, ugly dark matter that will not remove and look back at you laughingly.

    I know these things had to go through some kind of product testing in their R&D stage, which leads me to believe somewhere they said “screw it, lets sell ‘em anyway…”
    Chef Todd, you’ll burn in your own bouillabaisse for this.”

  • bob montgomery said:

    Great for about a month, then it went the route of all the other non-sticks…turned to sticks! I thought if I payed more for one I would get a good one. I went through quite a few cheap ones before I bought these..unfortunately I bought 2, just glad I didn’t buy more. This cookware is very expensive cheap junk!!

  • sharon martinez said:

    I don’t know if my first attempt at sending a comment will show up because I’m not that computer savy. But in a nut shell–give Good Housekeeping a shot. I received refunds for both greenpan sets I purchased from HSN. I did get replacement skillets at first–but they started sticking with in 3 months. They had me return the remaining pieces of my gourmet set(at their expense) and I got a full refund. I had sent another set to my son as a Christmas gift. Didn’t think he was having problems–well he was–sticking and outside coating flaking off. He had his set almost a year when I found out. I called HSN customer service for a copy of that receipt which they sent to me. I sent a letter and the receipt to the Good Housekeeping consumer affairs department. Almost 5 months went by, and I was getting ready to send them a follow up letter. My son called to say he received a check from them. Guess they got so many returns they ran out of space. You have 2 years from date of purchase–hope this helps you get your Money back. Good Luck!!!

  • sharon martinez said:

    I found the paperwork on my purchase of greenpans from HSN which was in Oct 2007. HSN warranty was long over because I believe most people don’t have problems until a few months go by. Forget contacting the Ingenious Designs Co. they will leave you on “hold” forever. But someone on a consumer review board brought up Good Housekeeping’s seal of approval and I thought I’d give it a try. If I couldn’t get a copy of my purchases from HSN I had the credit card bills with dates of purchase and price. I was going to “white out” my acct number or any other info I wouldn’t want out there. I made copies of every letter and receipt I sent. I paid a little extra on the first letter so someone would “sign” saying it had been received. They contacted me by phone asking for the problem items which they sent replacements. Same problem popped up with them– so much for a “bad batch” sneaking through. They did have me return the rest of the set. I received a total refund. Sent another letter and receipt about the set I purchased for my son and after 5 months he got a refund check. When I was dealing with GH consumer dept they sent prepaid return labels for the items. I don’t know how they handle things anymore because I’m sure their up to their eyeballs with unhappy consumers. I consider this a “miracle” in my world because I usually end up losing my money. And last night they were still singing the praises of greenpans on HSN and it just makes me so angry. Now, they have changed the outside to either stainless steele or hard anodized– but if they haven’t done anything different to the “inside” the non stick will not last long. I knew my skillets were “trouble” when even bacon started to stick. I had done everything to keep them “nice”–preseasoned, no dishwasher, no high heat, dishtowels between them when being stored. Did everything besides tucking them in featherbeds at night. So how can they say these are used in restaurant kitchens where they would be in constant use and very high temps? No way do I believe that claim anymore. I wished I had read the HSN consumer reviews before my purchase because the negative comments in 2006 and 2007 were already enormous. Address: Good Housekeeping 300 West 57th Street, New York,NY 10019-5288 Attention: Consumer & Readers services. Phone number 212-649-2359. Hope you still have a chance at getting your money back–this was, in my opinion, a terrible product to sell to anyone.

  • Tracy said:

    Very important- you have to go to this web-site http://green-pan.com/ and read the terms of

    Use & Care. They have made it extremely difficult to read, the scroll button won’t let you go

    line by line. Just a few things that stuck out to me 1) They warn you to Not let the pan soak

    because it will WARP 2) You are told Not to use plastic scrubbies or anything with nylon to clean

    them 3) You have to put an oil coating inside before Every use 5) If you want to use a cooking

    spray You have to spray The Food, not the pan and they say stains are a normal use problem.

    There is so much more. I will never purchase these pans

  • Tina Mussari said:

    I agree with JH. I purchased the pans in March 09. I too loved the pans & was in awe as to how easy they cleaned up. Then the honeymoon was over after cooking french toast. Everything sticks to it now…even with Pam. I can only cook dishes with lots of liquid.

    This is an expensive set that didn’t last as well as my cheapo Walmart pans that I keep for extras. I plan on going to the outlet & buying additional pieces of Calphalon. Better for the money, last forever & cheaper when bought at an outlet. Also, I am concerned as to the health risks of these non-stick pans.

  • True Green said:

    This is a terrible product. These are NOT non-stick pans. After a short time, everything sticks, and the pans stain permanently. They LIE and rip people off. They (Todd, Joy, HSN) are taking people’s money – in such an economy…I just don’t think they care at all. It’s sick, wrong and evil… Just sell, sell, sell. I don’t know how a normal human being with a soul can do such a thing and then be able to function, or sleep at night. So many unhappy people who feel ripped off. Many, many people’s hard-earned money –taken. While Todd, Joy, HSN et al continue to prosper from these pans…All I can say is: Karma.

    I have been using my old Farberware with conventional non-stick. What a relief and pleasure to be able to cook eggs and other stuff so easily with little to no sticking.

    Sharon, that is surprising to hear about the Good Housekeeping seal. Maybe there is a still chance I can get my money back?…(but, certainly not from joy Mangano and her “Ingenious Design”) Ingeniously crappy.

    Here’s more: http://forums.hsn.com/hsn_postst1250_Green-PansIf-You-Are-Not-Satisfied.aspx

  • Anita said:

    I saw the tood English show yesterday on HSN and called to talk with him about my problem. I got sent to customer service and she said that they have a life time warrenty. She gave me the companies number.800- 248-3002 and surprisingly I was told they would send me a prepaid slip to mail it back and it would be replaced. She said I needed to send the HSN receipt with it and when I told her I didn’t have it she said of just send the pan with complaint and it would be replaced. So, we’ll see she also said that using spay like PAM will distroy the pan. Thet isn’t in the instructions for seasoning the pan when you first get it either. I used the pan once befofe everything started to stick even with oil or butter. I wish I had check the comments before buying them. I have several peices and this phone number will stay by my phone.

  • Chef Jeff said:

    I am so outraged that they are still on HSN selling these pans. I am a chef and have used alot of different pans. My wife and I saw these on HSN and I thought wow, lets give them a try. I have been cooking for over 20 years and in that time I have spent alot of time and money on cookware. At first I was a amazed, eggs actually slipped right out without oil or butter. WAIT! Just as I thought not long after they started to stick, and I mean stick. But were still easy to clean. Then that stopoed and ended up having to real clean with a paper towel and oil. AS A PROFESSIONAL CHEF..DO NOT BUY THIS PANS thats my endorsment. Todd how you call yourself a chef, yes you can cook, but selling terrible pans to regular cooks that are still learning or just cooking at home for there families. One bit of good news the stock pots I got in the set work pretty good carmel came right out, my egg fritattas came right out of the dutch oven pan with the dome lid. As for the fry pan and the chefs pans forget it, oh not to mention now they are staining. I have gone back to my cast iron which has always been nonstick since I seasoned it. Back to my commercial egg pans that work beautifully with a few drop of oil. Thank you for the past post with info. how to return or have replaced. I will be sending these back for sure.

    Chef Jeff- owner of Flavors and BBQ911

  • DM said:

    I have a friend who has had these for over a year. She uses them all the time & loves them! I am really nervous to try them after reading all the negative reviews. She said she followed the instructions to the letter and never puts them in the diswasher. Is it possible all these people just aren’t following the instructions? Seems unlikely to me. Hmmm

  • Jen said:

    I purchased these pans before reading all these reviews that would of probably persuaded me from buying these pots …. but I am glad I didn’t see them … I like them I don’t have any problem with these pots. In fact I have purchased all the so called “expensive name brand pots” in past and these clean better then them . Now I hope that it stays that way. I cook every day and every type of food and every thing has come out wonderful and pots clean fast and easy. I am thinking that maybe they remodeled there product since the purchases of these “bad pots ” ( at least I hope ) I hate when I Purchase something and it goes to the dumper. I would do exactly what you all are doing and be just as frustrated and try to get my money back as well.

  • Lavonne Benyola said:

    LOVE this pan. I threw away the Teflon pans I had when I read about the harmful affects.

  • Dennis A. Vitali said:

    Just called 800 number 800- 248-3002, picked up right away, Told her I had 8 inch fry pan less then a year then everything started sticking, She said mine was still under warrenty and would send me futher instructions to get replaced, they had a batch of defective ones! Thanks.

  • Wil said:

    I don’t want to leave a very long post on what I HATE about them, but just say that you need to do your homework, read all reviews on the NET and make an educated decision before putting your hard earned money on the table.

    I was also duped like everyone else here into thinking that this was the BEST and LAST set of cookware we will ever purchase. Let’s just say that the cookware I have today is now brown and stained and no longer non-stick.

    Save your money and get a good set…what that is, I do not know as I now need to go shopping for a new set.

  • WLH said:

    The bottom line is that ALL non-stick pans (currently) are somewhat fragile. Anyone advertising “indestructible” non-stick surfaces is lying.

    The most important part of a non-stick pan is its warranty. REPEAT:
    The most important part of a non-stick pan is its warranty.

    I have a pricey Calphalon, and after repeated correct use, even it loses its non-stick properties. (and I sometimes use too high heat). But Calphalon ALWAYS replaces it. I’m on my third one, and plan to keep replacing them. I believe companies like All-Clad and other reputable ones do the same. That’s all that matters — the company, and their integrity.

    Sounds like Greenpan is a company you don’t want a relationship with. Enough said.

  • Terri said:

    I had a good experience with Green Pan as far as cooking goes. The problem that I have had is with the handle holding water after washing. I leaks out so slowly that it takes forever to drain. I have not been satisfied with the warranty process. After emailing them, I did receive a response and someone contacted me by phone and left a message. I have not been able to get this person to call me back for 3 weeks. I sent another email stating the problem and have not heard anything. I am going today to purchase another set of cookware. Not Green Pan!! Money and time wasted!!

  • betseyh said:

    I’ve had a large and a small skillet since last summer, and I asked for and got the upgraded saucepan for 2009 Christmas. I LOVE this cookware. No problems at all. I use them to bake cakes and casseroles in the oven, (potatoes anna, e.g.) and NOTHING sticks. Ever. My roommate got a deal on the whole set at Target, and she is equally pleased with hers. bh

  • Shirley said:

    Worst Non-Stick EVER!

    This is the MOST dissapointing cook ware I have ever purchased. The pans are chipped, everything sticks. I absolutely hate them!

  • Green Girl said:

    I HATE these pans! After a while EVERYTHING sticks!
    These pans are a joke! (a money making joke, sadly)
    Eventually they WILL break down and everything will STICK — sticks more so than any other pan I’ve had.

    Rip off!!!

    Todd English and HSN rip good people off!
    Look at what people say at the HSN forum. People hate these pans!
    And their “lifetime warranty” is a joke. If you can’t contact them, they don’t have to bother. The “good housekeeping seal” doesn’t amount to anything, either. Please, quit selling and overselling this junk!

    Not Green Pans at all!

  • Veejay said:

    I have had a starter set for about 18 months now. In July 2009, my 8″ and 10″ frying pans started sticking. I was advised by HSN to contact Ingenious Designs at 80 Rodeo Drive, Edgewood, NY 11771. I sent them a letter and within two weeks received a paid return package to send them back. After I returned them, I received replacements. The 8″ replacement fry pan,is now starting to stick. I sent a letter to Ingenious Designs (at the address above) and it was returned “No such number.” This address is on their web site and also the literature that came with the pans.

    To sum it up, these pans are wonderful for a short period of time. After that they suck!

  • richard said:

    well so far i have not had any trouble with my pans had them sence dec. 09 hope it stay that way.

  • freddine said:

    I bought my Todd English GreenPans from a clearance outlet at a fraction of the HSN cost. The enormous love-hate spectrum in the reviews was fascinating to me, and I was so curious that I was willing to take the chance, knowing I could return them to the retail store if I wasn’t satisfied. I bought a small fry pan, just to try. I oiled the pan and used soft utensils, put it in the dishwasher. It washed clean with no loss of beauty or function. I liked the pan so well that I would check the place whenever they got new HSN stock. I have collected various fry pans with covers, a stockpot, a dutch oven, a grill pan, and a small sauce pan – all for over a year with no problems whatsoever, even when I throw them in the dishwasher (which I know I should NOT, but sometimes I just get lazy!). I would buy more in a heartbeat. Love, love love the 8″ for fried eggs. I’ve never been able to slide them enough to flip in the air for “over easy” before!

    The nonstick properties work differently than Teflon or Silverstone. You DO need oil to season, as the other types of nonstick, if you’re expecting to slide eggs around in the pan. If you have burned something on, soaking does not help. You MAY have to actually wipe out the pan with a bit of pressure, rather than soaking it off or having the residue slide off immediately. But I’ve NEVER needed to use even a nylon pad; a soft cloth works well. This is NOT difficult and it cleans easily and thoroughly.

    I’m wondering if people who are not satisfied expect GreenPans to behave in exactly the same way as other types of non-stick. If you expect that, then forget it. You will not be satisfied. I recognize that it’s different… I just like them better.

  • Pannie said:

    Well, Freddine, according to Joy Mangano, Todd English and HSN, the Green Pan non-stick is superior to any other non-stick, will last forever, nothing will ever stick and “it’s the last set of cookware you’ll ever own.” And don’t forget you’ll be swirling your fried eggs around in the Green Pans, too (fun)…

    So when you say, “I’m wondering if people who are not satisfied expect GreenPans to behave in exactly the same way as other types of non-stick. If you expect that, then forget it. You will not be satisfied. I recognize that it’s different… I just like them better..”
    your statement doesn’t make sense according to Green Pan marketing (or b.s. whatever you want to call it). Green Pan is supposed to BETTER than any other non-stick pan. So get real.

    The problem is they are saying untruths about these pans; MANY, many people have had major STICKING with these pans (not to mention the staining and material flaking off). I have had to scrape debris off these pans. And, yes, I seasoned them and blah, blah, blah….

    Good luck to you with your Green Pans. I hope continue to to “love, love, love” these pans for a lifetime (“it’s the last set of cookware you’ll ever own,” btw)…If you are a real consumer and not a Green Pan troll.

    I hate these pans and hate that they keep pushing these pans so often on HSN. I used to think Todd English was cool, but now I can’t stand the guy. Same with Joy.

  • deborah said:

    I have the green pans from hsn and I detest them everythong sticks and burns so easily they are AWFUl the WORST pans I ever had.
    I am trying to return them to the company wish me luck!

  • LA said:

    I purchased a GreenPan set at my local Target after seeing several HSN presentations about it.

    Like most others, food started sticking. I generally cook egg whites with a pea-sized piece of butter. I had to increase and increase the butter to even moderately reduce sticking. I tried soaking in warm water with soap, tried sponge, then the scrubby side of the sponge – even with lots of elbow grease, I was unable to get the food off. The pan is stained and completely unusable.

    I’ve emailed them this evening thanks to reference earlier in this post. I will attempt calling as well. You can also let @ChefToddEnglish know about your feedback on Twitter. (I just did.)

  • Tim R said:

    I bought the GreenPan Cookware set at local Target store. I thought they were the best thing since sliced bread. Then after a while they started sticking. I reviewed the cleaning instructions and nothing worked. I went online and read all the don’t buy comments and wished I had done that first. I tried everything that people suggested and nothing works, the pans are terrible. The sad thing is the pans still look new, nice and shiny but stick like crazy.

    I tried taking them back to Target and since my receipt is over 90 days (bought them 09/12/2009) they will not replace them. I still have all the original paperwork, barcode off the box, receipt. I don’t see an address or phone number so it looks like I have a set of garbage pans. Even the cheap non-stick last longer than this garbage.

  • Tim said:

    At lease I found the contact information:


    GreenPan™ Inc
    120 White Plains Road, Suite 115
    Tarrytown, NY 10591
    Tel: +1 914 372 7777
    Fax: +1 914 372 7776

  • freddine said:

    No, dear Pannie, I’m not a troll. And thanks for the good wishes. I expect to use the pans for a long time, but certainly not forever. There is NO pan which will last forever, even if Joy Mangano says so.
    For the record, I never believe anything from advertising sources, and yes, it’s a darn shame we can’t, but the bigger the claim, the less I will believe it. In spite of it, the pans have served me well so far. I may live to eat my words – when they stick to the pan as I warm them, I suppose – since so many have said they were OK at first. For now I still grab them almost every day, and they still look new (no stains, no flaking). I do think I’ll stop putting them in the dishwasher, though.

    And yes, LA, I do have to use a bit more butter than pea-sized. It has to be enough to coat the pan; since the surface is non-porous, melting butter will not adhere to every inch, which it has to do in order to slide eggs. Best way to do it would coat the pan with a paper towel. Most of the butter will stay in the paper towel anyway.

    off-topic: Avoid Colin Cowie stuff, too. I once ordered a set of gold-clad flatware which looked very nice on TV. When it arrived, I thought they had sent me silver by mistake, but the package specified gold. I returned them with no problem and no postage, and they sent a letter of apology and refunded my postage from the first time, saying the quality was not up to par. I later saw some of this stuff in previously mentioned outlet store; apparently I wasn’t the only one. Decent customer service, but worst QC ever!

    Based on the negative reviews here and other places (even HSN), I wouldn’t buy them if, as already mentioned, they hadn’t been dirt cheap (under $10/piece), and if I didn’t know I could bring them back to the retail store where I got them. But I would (and probably will buy again), based on my own experience. I wouldn’t encourage anyone else, though, because they would not be what most would expect. That’s what I was trying to convey in the first post/review. Sorry if I was unclear. Please don’t be angry.

    Now, would a troll tell you all that? LOL!

  • Steven said:

    28CM Stockholm, frying pan, never scrubbed these things other than using a sponge and warm water. First half dozen egg were fine, now everythign sticks. 2 Weeks old, they are going back. Junk don’t buy.

  • Lisa said:

    Okay, maybe I am doing something wrong. I got my 10″ pan in a few months ago. Began using it for chicken, pancakes, spaghetti, etc. NO STICKING PROBLEMS. Here is what I do, though. I never turn it on above medium heat, that’s halfway between high and off. Never hotter than that. Everything cooks great. I add a LITTLE bit of olive oil, because olive oil is supposed to be heart healthy, which is why I got this pan in the first place, on the advise of my mom. She bought one, and AFTER I got mine in, she’s packing hers up to send it back because it was nasty blackish brown on the bottom, and she was mad that it didn’t last but a few months with her. I asked her what temp she was using. She admitted that she’d probably gone too high at times, and that may be what burned the pan. She was also using metal spatulas at times, because her plastic/rubber ones melted (because her heat was too high?!!!) I hate to say it on this forum, but i LOVE LOVE LOVE my pan. I just hope it doesn’t go the way of my high school boyfriend – he was no good either, after about a year; traded him in for one I wound up marrying. Still with him after 24 years. I wonder if Todd can create a pan that lasts that long?

  • Henk said:

    We bought the 12″ pan in cottage country as we had forgotten a frying pan. We were intriged by the non-Teflon statement.
    We use it often, and no, it definately is not a non-stick like the new Teflon pans. However it is better than the old fashioned pans, and no comparison with the old spiders which are impossible to clean.
    On medium high heat it still works for us.
    So overall the non-Teflon still gives it a slight advantage in our kitchen

  • Denise said:

    I purchased these pans 2 years ago (2008). I was so excited when I got them & I actually loved them. However, after about 6 months of use the non-stick property it totally gone. I have never abused these pans (unless you consider using them every day abuse). I use the small fry pan for eggs & pancakes for my son every morning & they have to be sprayed with non-stick spray (the eggs still stick). I hate them. I tried to right a review at HSN where I purchased them & was told I could not right a review after 180 days. I guess these pans work for the first 6 months & when you are ready to write a bad review it is too late. I do not recommend these pans unless you only need them short term. My mom also replaced her pans with these & she now has nothing but complaints! Don’t waste your money!!!!

  • julie said:

    I recently bought a set of the Todd English Collection Green pans. The pans themselves are nice, however the handle attachment leaks and water accumulates in the hollow handle. When the pot is placed on a hot surface, the water in the handle boils and is expelled onto the cook top. This is not ideal for the cook top, and certainly creates a hazard for the user as well.

    I did contact someone via the email on the Todd English web site suggesting that perhaps they might want to look into this design flaw. What I was told is that the handles are hollow to lessen weight, and that I should place the pans upright in the dishwasher to avoid leaks. Unfortunately the pans do not fit upright in the dishwasher. More disturbing is the fact that the exchange suggests that it is the consumer’s responsibility to use the product in ways that attempt to mitigate obvious design flaws. Buyer beware.

  • Dave said:

    I bought a set of this cookware about a year ago. I was initially very pleased with how they worked, and so I bought two additional skillets about a month after the initial purchase. I carefully followed all of the directions for cooking. After 2-3 months, they started to perform less well, although they were still usable. Now that is a year later almost everything sticks, and it is impossible to fry eggs and other things. It is also very hard to clean. It would have been better to buy a cheap no-stick pan because it would have cost less and would have lasted longer. Despite my high hopes and careful use, I have to replace everything because it is really too difficult to use. I do not recommend this cookware.

  • tk said:

    They are GREAT…till they stick and warp…and then I don’t even care about the pan and the money but if I’m cooking, or doing any other activity, I expect my tools to work, its very upseting when fine and expensive produce get ruined by sub-par equipment after you perchased it with every expectarion that it was going to at least perform as well as the average pan. My 2c

  • Melissa said:

    I love my pan. I use olive oil swirl it around ( or use Olive Oil Pam) on MEDIUM heat people or lower making sure the oil is under the food. Use non-scratch utensils (duh) and wash by hand. No flaking, no burning, no miracles just good care and by the way this isn’t like any other non-stick pan. This pan is safer to use for your health as is leaches far less chemicals into your food.

    Health is my main reason for buying this pan and in doing so I TAKE CARE OF IT AND FOLLOW THE DIRECTIONS… it’s not brain science people. You just can’t abuse your Green Pan. I have had mine for over a year which I bought from a local store and it LOOKS LIKE IT DID THE DAY I BOUGHT IT. If I could attach a pic I would.

    Whew….I feel much better now .

  • Harry Neff said:

    Works well for about 5 months. Then while it still looks good the surface loses its non-stick capacity and is no better than any other non-stick pan. I purchased for Christmas in hopes that it would be a better cookinf surface. For 4 months worked great then food started sticking and it continues to get worse.

  • Karen said:

    Thankyou for these honest reviews. In Europe these Green Pans are double the cost of other brand name cookware. I have now reconsidered my purchase and will save my money.

    Freddine, I do believe in honesty in advertising – if these pans are advertised to last a life time i expect to get 20 years use out of them and not the reported 3 months!!!

  • Dana said:

    I loved these pans at first. Worked great. However, the thermalon began to scratch with even a plastic spoon. I had been very careful about what I have used on the pan, but it did scratch. I haven’t used the pan in over a month because of concerns in the safety of using the pan. Any information on this??

  • Dana said:

    The thermalon began to scratch with even a plastic spoon. I had been very careful about what I have used on the pan, but it did scratch. I haven’t used the pan in over a month because of concerns in the safety of using the pan. Any information on this??

  • Nadia said:

    “It leaches far less chemicals into your food” quote from Melissa.

    Well, how do we really know that is true?? What is thermalon ceramic non-stick actually made of? It does scratch and flake off, so it is releasing something into your food. The whole “green” thing is just marketing used with this terrible pans.

    Also, even if you use only medium heat the pan will still eventually lose non-stick and break down. They never mention that you have to use medium heat on the hyped sales presentations on hsn.

    Awful pans, money lost.

  • Joan said:

    I was amazed to find so many comments describing exactly what’s happened to my GreenPan. I have used it almost every day for a year. Then, practically overnight, everything began to seriously stick. I am now looking at a cement-like coating on the bottom of the pan after cooking an omelet on MEDIUM-LOW heat with olive oil. The coating itself seems to be intact and looks flawless…well, under the impossible to remove egg coating. I guess I’ll try my luck at contacting the company. What a disappointment! For a year they performed flawlessly.

  • GSteiner said:

    Just wondering if the test kitchen had anymore comments. The last post I see was 8/22/09, when the test chef said he was trying to kill the Green , and still wants it to be the only pan he/she uses. Personally, I have 3 of them for the past year, and they still work as well as they day I bought them and we use them a lot.

  • Linda Townshend said:

    Thanks for all the info. I’m ready to replace my Bialetti pan and saw the Green Pan at Target. It looked pretty enticing but their guarantee couldn’t have been less specific: “good for the life of the pan” but no commitment to any number of years. So of course I went to their website and that was even less helpful. No warranty explanation, no idea of useful life, just a bunch of “as seen on TV” stuff and where to click to order now. I guess I’ll just get another Bialetti–it’s non-stick surface has lasted at least 2 years longer than the warranty.

  • G Steiner said:

    Just wondering how the extended testing has gone.

  • Xtrema cookware said:

    pretty interesting stuff thanks for sharing with us

  • susanne bajer said:


  • jwasso said:

    I also agree that these pans are the most horrific things I have ever owned. Everything sticks and everything burns.. I am constantly having to use easy off oven cleaner to scrub these pieces of crap and all the burnt crap stuck to them. I bought them at Linens and things.. I think maybe its time for you to stop pushing these and your claims about how great and green these pans are.

  • dwilber said:

    I ordered these pans without reading the reviews…shame on me. When they get here from HSN (because it was to late to cancel my order) I am sending them back. Thank you for the info!

  • Chef Kenneth Cole (author) said:
  • Sheila said:

    I too have had experience with Todd English’ greenpans. THEY STINK. We are told we don’t have to use special utensils and it won’t scratch off.

    I have returned the small pan once already because scrambled eggs stuck to the bottom of the pan. They did send a replacement and did not require that I return the bad pan. Recently, I used the grill pan and was so disguisted. I cooked salmon in it and got sick and couldn’t clean it immediately. The burn marks refused to come off, even after using comet and the reverse side of my sponge. I emailed the company (I kept the name of the guy in customer service) and approximately 3 days later I got a phone call. Well, they said using comet would remove the finish. You ae not supposed to use spray on oils with these pans, or regular utensils and you are supposed to season them before the first use.

    Nowhere in any of the instructions I received with my pans did it state these things. In fact, to the contrary, they stated that you did not have to season them and you could use ordinary utensils. And NEVER DID I SEE OR WAS TOLD ONE COULD NOT USE SPRAY OIL.

    they have agreed to send me new pans, but only after I box and return the old ones. They will send me a shipping free label, but were am I supposed to find a box and schlep it to UPS to ship it? And at whose expense?

    Mine were of the first generation and now there is so much more dissatisfaction with them that I know no matter how many times they replace them, it will always be like this. BAH, HUMBUG

  • Dan said:

    I read a lot of reviews before I bought a set of Greenpans. The reviews were all positive. I bought the pans about 2 years ago. I read the directions carefully and seasoned them as directed. I was very dissatisfied with the pans and finally threw them away today. JUNK… EXPENSIVE JUNK!

  • Bob said:

    We bought the set of 3 pans and for the first 4-6 months they performed great, nothing was sticking but now everything is sticking. We can not cook meat with them as the sticking gets so bad we can’t even clean the pans with a soft scrub bud. It is very disappointing to say the least. I thought these pans were going to be the best as we were told by the sales rep at Sears. Well now that we can’t even cook with them without having to to spend a lot of time cleaning them ..not sure what i’ll do with the pans. Maybe i’ll contact the Greenpan company, but if all the comments i’m reading are saying the same thing it might be best to junk them and get a different brand of non-stick cookware. BAH HUMBUG IS RIGHT …WHAT A RIPOFF.

  • Bob said:

    Sheila, who did you contact to get a replacement …the Greenpan company or was it the dealer you bought them through. Appreciate your assistance as i’ll try to get replacements to see if the new pans work any better. Contact me at bob.heavenor@telus.net. Thanks, Bob.

  • Linda Hart said:

    Considering all the negative feedback on these pans, you really should revise your review!!

    I have several Green Pans. The pots hold up pretty well, but the fry pans last only a couple of weeks before food begins sticking. They will replace a pan but, as others have noted, it’s nearly impossible to get through to them by phone, and they have changed their email address, so emails get bounced back.

    I suggest that everyone write HSN, as I have, as the way these pans don’t last reflects on their credibility. After all, I’m not EVER going to buy a pan from them again, after seeing how FAKE their claims about these pans are!!

  • ken said:

    I’ve had a set of these pans for 2+ years – burned them a couple times. I used a microfiber cloth with ceramic stove top cleaner – the burned stains come right off. I reseasoned them and they work fine. I always cook with butter or olive oil but use much less than with regular pans.

  • MG brown said:

    I bought my pan/pot set over two years ago and I bought another set for my niece as a wedding gift. We both experienced the same problems, that being with the skillets. Everything sticks to them and they are VERY hard to clean. YES ! French toast is a nightmare. I think I will go back to buying the cheap non=stick skillets from Walmart, etc., and throwing them away and buying new every few months. I just don’t think there is a non-stick out there that ever really works for long. It is just that to buy the Todd English pans, they were EXPENSIVE! I don’t have a problem with the pots but, of course they don’t go through the same kind of use. I don’t think I would buy the set all over again! A pot is a pot but the skillet……..now that’s a different story and the Todd English skillets stink of a bad fairy TALE !

  • Foxy said:

    I was Soooooooo close to buying these pans. I had the credit card in my hand and then I decided to check the reviews…THANK GOD I CHECKED THE REVIEWS! I will not be buying these pans.

  • Al said:

    Worst pans I ever purchased and I have proof that these pans don’t last. I have 3 pans, worked well and easy to clean for couple months. I can’t even fry an egg without it sticking and pans stain badly. I also have the 12 quart stock pot and used it only twice. I found 2 cracks on the brim of the pot. Learned my lesson, will check reviews before purchasing any item in the future.

  • susan said:

    I read on some other comment web sites by several other consumers to clean out the pan with vinegar first then use a paste of baking soda and water with a paper towel. Use this to clean entire surface including sides of pan. They said it made the nonstick surface like new again. Worth a try!

  • Todd English’s Green Pan Review…

    Exclusive cookware review of Todd English’s green pan. Take a look into our kitchen while we test this pan out!…

  • Peggy said:

    Hi all,
    I am really sad at the fact that I just used my first pan of my set tonight and was so giddy with joy. I treated it like a delicate thing. It had better work, or I will join your ranks, and help you flood Good Housekeeping. I also had no idea that they were sold at other stores, are they cheaper than on HSN? Why don’t the ones that hav proof of thee pan’s failure, call on the testimonial line and see how long you are allowed to talk. A friend and I bought our sets together during their Thanksgiving cycle. Who has the money to keep putting into pots and pans. It makes me ill. Did anyone get a written warranty with their set. I didn’t get one, just curious. Thanks all. Crap, the idea of my eggs sticking in the morning will make me ill. Shame on them. Oh when they say they are sending a pre paid return label, they are paying for the shipment with UPS, so that is their expense. This is just part of the curse of insomnia, I turned on the wrong channel and got hooked to them.
    Take care all, and I hope all of you get some satisfaction from that paste idea or get your money back. I guess if it sounds to good to be true….
    Take care all and HSN will usually work with you on faulty products.
    Great idea Susan, will try that at the first sign of trouble.

  • Dashmore said:

    I can only think these negative reviews must be about different GreenPans than the set I bought at Target for $99 for 4 pans. First of all, that is dang cheap. Second of all, I have used them every day for over a year and they have been reliably non-stick and durable. The instructions DID say to season the pans with oil and to use utensils designed for non-stick pans. I never heard of Todd English so I don’t know what all that is about but I do know these pans have been great to work with and they are definitely a good value.

  • Exum Montboro said:

    If any users of GreenPans are experiencing surface flaking, DO NOT USE THE PAN ANYMORE. Todd said the coating is a form of CERAMIC and that it was “like glass”. You do not want you or your family ingesting micro-shards of ceramic OR glass. They may never leave your body and might cause years of GI tract problems. They cannot be digested.

  • joe girard sr said:

    i have had green pans now for a year,the first 4 months they were great then the food started to stick in the center of the pan, the pots are just wonderfull though they clean easy and still do not stick. but the fry pans are another story they stick when you cook with them and they have turned brown in the center of the fry pans
    \ joe

  • Vic said:

    I just purchased a set of these pans last night at a local retailer. I woke up this morning eager to try out my new pans. I read the instructions, seasoned the pan that I intended to use & ended up with perfect eggs! Perfect – the eggs were perfect! No sticking, nothing left in the pan.

    A while back I had to switch from non-stick cookware (the bad kind – ptfe) to stainless steel because the smell that was released from the non-stick (ptfe coating) released fumes that flared up my asthma. The Original Green Pan allowed me to breathe easy – no flare ups! Awesome! I’m so glad to be able to cook eggs in something other than SS – it’s kind of tricky cooking in SS. The Original Green Pans are awesome – no fumes, no stick – easy to clean!!

    Bottom line: When I saw that these pans have the Good Housekeeping Seal I wasn’t the least bit concerned – GH doesn’t put their name on any product without doing testing and research – when you place a warranty claim against the GH Seal it is GH that pays the claim and not the mfg.

    Lovin’ my new Original Green Pan(s)!

    Love, love, love, love, love!

  • Patricia said:

    I’ve had the 12″ pan for 2 years. I love it! It’s the best pan I’ve ever used. I followed the instructions…have had no problems whatsoever.

  • Bill Cash said:

    My GreenPan skillet sticks, too. The coating looks fine to the eye, shiny all over, but everything sticks. Even using oil, bacon grease, butter, or pam. It takes so long to clean the pan by hand that it defeats the whole reason of using nonstick cookware. Might as well use a cast iron skillet that is well seasoned and throw away the Todd English piece of junk! His website doen’t even have a customer service or warranty area. He just sold his name to a junk dealer and it’s not his problem.

  • [...] » Cookware Review of Todd English Green PanGreen Pan 12″ Fry Pan Todd English Collection Background Information on GreenPan . We recently spent some time with this pan in our test kitchen. [...]

  • Dana said:

    I received the 12″ frying pan and 5 qt. pot for a wedding present 5 months ago. I have used the frying pan about 3-4 times a week since then and aside from minor nicks in the surface, it is still performing exceptionally well! Granted, I take very good care of the pans. I always use a small amount of olive oiI or butter, use rubber spatulas to prevent wear, and hand wash immediately after it has cooled enough. I just decided to go ahead and purchase 5 more pots/pans. My husband and I absolutely LOVE them. I say on a weekly basis how they were the best wedding gift ever :)

  • Kami said:

    I love my GreenPans. Have had them for over two years with ZERO problems. Sorry for all you folks with negative experiences, but that has NOT been my experience at all.

  • Bette said:

    Could it be that there are 2 different manufacturers? I ordered one frying pan…loved it! Ordered a set, and It is ABSOLUTELY worse than the cheapest teflon I ever used….[and I am old enough to have bought the first ones out. ] Yes, I am a careful person who followed all the rules……blah , blah, blah. By the way ,the 1st green pan only held up long enough for me to order the set. As soon as I can afford to trash this garbage, I will. That ‘coating ‘ is going somewhere in my food, so I won’t even give it away to some poor fool. I, too, could have gotten other pieces at a liquidator, so it may be tempting for someone to buy. Think….what can I, and others, possibly gain by taking the time to let others know of our experience? It would be my guess that those who love it will be back to write again.

  • jr said:

    I bought Todd English Green Pans at a local store called “Unclaimed Freight”. The 12″ fry pan cost under $20.00. I loved the 12″ so much that I went back and purchased the 10″ & 8″ fry pans. They were pretty cheap, so I figured I didn’t have anything to lose if I didn’t like them. I did not know that you had to “season” the pan, those instructions were not included with my purchase. I’ve been using them about 6 months, so far, so good. I even take the 12″ pan with me on vacation. I use it on the cooktop and in the oven. I’ve always put a little butter or olive oil in it before I add the ingredients, but that’s what I usually do in any pan, non-stick or stainless.

  • Nadi said:

    These pans are terrible. I can’t use them for anything anymore. Everything sticks. They have become very difficult to clean. Some egg whites I tried to cook recently seems to have fused to the Green Pan surface. I’m having a hard time getting it off. As I scraped it the blueish pan surface also started to come off.
    The pans were okay for a little while, but after some period of time, everything started sticking, and STICKING worse than any pan I’ve had.

    I watched one of Todd English’s presentations on HSN a couple weeks ago (yup, he’s still on HSN peddling this junk) and he said specifically
    “YOU DON’T NEED TO DO ANYTHING TO SEASON THIS PAN. JUST RINSE IT OUT AND IT’S READY TO GO” So why all this focus on seasoning the pan. I think he even claimed to use these in his professional kitchens…Puhllease.


  • Janice said:

    These pans are are some of the worst I have ever had. The food sticks leaving the bottom of the pan black. So difficult to get it clean.

  • Lori Laine said:

    I recived the Todd English green pans as a christmas gift. So far so good as far as the non-stick aspect is concerned, but I will say I think not cooking with a very high hear is the trick. I wipe them out with a paper towel and then wash with a soft wash rag. Every now and then I will run them through the dishwasher thats when I have a problem. The handle on my fry pan fills up with water when it is in the dishwasher! There is a small opening at the base of the handle which allows water to collect in there! It is really rather gross so my solution is to no longer put in dishwasher. Problem solved!! I enjoy cooking with these pans and as of right now my non- stick feature is just fine! I sure hope it stays that way.

  • Mary said:

    I have purchased several pieces of the Todd English Green Pan. All in Stainless so it was a bit more. All of it has been pretty good – except for a small 8 inch skillet. This pan held up a whole 2 months and then turned black! It was used for a couple of eggs on the weekend, or to cook a small piece of fish. NO abuse. The pan was junk. I made several attempts to contact HSN customer service and kept getting referred to Ingenious Designs. WHO does not answer phones or keeps you on hold incessantly. I found out that Joy Mangano owns this company, which saddens me because I had truly hoped she stood behind her products. ALL I WANT is a replacement pan – and this company has done NOTHING – nor has HSN.
    In speaking to co-workers a couple have had the same experience with the pans (2 of them the same exact skillet – 8 inch) hmmmm a manufacturing defect in the lot perhaps? Admit it and fix it. People would be more apt to continue to purchase more of the same products if they would just stand behind their items.
    I will not purchase anything from this line again and would not rec. it, even if I did like it. I would be afraid they would run into problems. Don’t spend your hard earned money on these pans no matter what you hear. They don’t back up their warranty. Or you can buy it and die trying! :)

  • Jack C said:

    My 12″ Greenpan is three years old and is just beginning to fail I have been very happy with this pan. When I told my wife that it was not quite as good as it was new she said; “You use that pan more than your All-Clad; it should be starting to fail”. I guess it was not a poor $35 investment!

  • Kelly said:

    I as everyone else was duped into buying these pans on HSN last Feb.2010. The 12′ pan worked great the first 3 times, after that everything sticks. I called HSN and they refered me to another number for a replacement, they sent me the chicken fryer, it works great at first, now everything sticks as well. THe large & small pots are starting to stick, vegs come out burned even on low heat. My husband asked me why did I get rid of the old pans (We’ve had them for 9 yrs)I said because these looked elegant on the HSN Video, he said get our Damn money back! He will not cook anything in these pots and has now blocked me from watching HSN and buying their crap. Please don’t waste your money.

  • June said:

    I received my first set of pans in December of 2007. Since then, I have removed every other pan from my kitchen and use my Greenpans exclusively. The advice I have given to my sister and friends, who now also use them, is to season the pans regularly and beware of cooking without liquids. I was looking to purchase his cake pan when I stumbled upon this site. I am in complete shock that there are so many people who do not love these pans. Sorry you had such a bad time with such a great product.

  • IlMa said:

    This pan works fine…yeah, the first time only. I bought this as a gift for someone almost a year or so ago. I was embarrassed after they told me everything stuck after the first use and how the stains would not come out. *smdh* :(

  • cook said:

    I am pretty sure that people who write shitty reviews for this product just didn’t read instructions and/or didn’t follow them. From hands-on 10 year experience as an exec I can tell that about 60% cannot or will not follow instructions. So there. You guys just are inept unable stupid half assed people who cannot develop any workable daily routine and fumble through life criticizing and finding fault with others. I used the pan for several months now until my kid threw a heavy knife into the sink where the pan was sitting and scratched it. Nothing really sticks to it so much as some water soaking wouldn’t take it off. It does stick a bit especially on steaks, but I had no problem to get it off and it wasn’t much more than teflon pans would do. actually had my friend destroy one of my teflon pans yesterday with a steak. doesn’t come off. so, if you are an idiot you can destroy any product, no matter what. please, stop posting testaments to your own idiocy. and go play pat-a-cake somewhere. you just piss me off. sorry to be harsh on you, but you really should snap out of this fog you are living in.

  • Dawn said:

    I am shocked at all the bad things I am reading about these pans. I bought a set of the sauce pans and love them. I have had no problem with anything sticking to them, but again I read the directions and use them exactly how it says. I can’t believe how even it cooks the food and really have never used a better sauce pan than this.

  • Jodi said:

    DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY ON THESE PANS!!! I am so glad I found a place to let everyone know how awful these pans are! I bought three from HSN, and at first they worked beautifully (hence the purchase of a total of 3). After a few months, they are worthless. I even threw one of them out. I cooked eggs this past Sunday morning, and I had to leave it soaking until about 4:30 when I got home from work today – which is Tuesday! I finally got MOST, but not ALL of the stuck food off of it. I had to keep changing the water and putting new soap into the pan. I tried to write a review on hsn.com, but they wouldn’t let me because they no longer sell the specific green pan that I bought, and they wouldn’t let me write a review on any others. Gee, maybe they don’t sell mine anymore because they stink. I wrote to customer service, and they were sure that I must have put it in the dishwasher, which was wrong. I always wash pans by hand. They suggested I season it again. I’m Italian – there’s olive oil in just about every dish I cook! How could the pan need to be re-seasoned?! Buyer beware – DO NOT WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!

  • Terri said:

    I have had these pans for a year and after about 8 months the ones I use all the time have started to stick so bad I cannot use them. These pans are crap – do not buy them. They are great at first but after time they will stick and you will be able to use them. My Mom bought these for me for Christmas and I know she spent a lot of money on them and I just don’t have the heart to tell her what crap they are. DO NOT PURCHASE THEM!!! I plan on going to Todd’s website to let him know also.

  • Harold said:

    People ha sanyone told the people that care complaining about sticking that YOU DONT USE METAL UTENSILS ON THEM MAYBE THATS WHY THEY ARE STICKING YOU BROKE THE BOND WITH METAL.

  • tabbie said:

    Ok folks read a bunch of crappy reviews for these pans – and after using mine for a while disagree with the bad reviews – problem may be the users not the pans – Did you season them prior to using – did you follow the instructions – did you let the pans cool prior to cleaning them -are you putting salt in them when they are cool? – rule to follow with ALL pans to prevent dings – do you have multiple people in the house using these pans – perhaps they are not following the instructions-

  • Diane Richard said:

    I have owned an 8″ GreenPan for about 3 months now. We use it every single day. It works just as good today as it did the first day we had it. I am getting ready to purchase the 12″ pan. I love it!

  • Nevin said:

    I bought a set of these from HSN when they first came out. As with many of you writers, I loved the set at first. Both the 2-quart saucepan and the 5 quart dutch oven have become my favorite pots, but the frying pan is a disaster. After frying some bacon, it never worked the same again, it is no longer non-stick, and after each use, it becomes “dirtier” — it won’t wash clean. I think I’m ready to give the frying pan to Good Will (or maybe just toss it). Maybe the pots work better than the pans because there’s usually some liquid in them. At any rate, the frying pans don’t last more than a couple of uses. I do, however, brown ground beef in my 5 quart pot, and it works fine. Then I add pretty much anything to the ground beef, turning it into anything from chili, to tacos, to Hamburger Helper, to soup… Just use the large 5-quart pot, instead of the frying pan.

  • Paula said:

    I bought the set on HSN in April 2011 after watching a great demo. The pans came -I followed instructions but they were NEVER non-stick. My black cast iron skillet is better at being non-stick. I had to spend 15 minutes cleaning up the saute pan after doing some sauteed fish teriaki. I used Olive oil and it still stuck. Forget about the perimeter of the pans – around the edges they turn black and they don’t “wipe clean”…then I have to soak them and use a teflon pad to get the grime off. THEY ARE AWFUL! I bought better pans for $10 dollars at Target, “Green Pans?” I don’t think so. I’m returning mine to HSN …asap.

  • Arwen said:

    I have owned a set of these pans I purchased at Target for about a year and a half. I have pans and pots of various sizes. I also have one very large pan that is the same brand but from crate and barrel that was given to me as a gift in 2009. Overall I absolutely love my pans. I follow the directions where I heat the pan before adding any oil, if and when I use oil. I also did the seasoning like it originally said. Although it says I can wash in the dishwasher I have never done so. I have had no issues with any of the coating scraping off any of them – I use only wooden spoons and spatulas in them to avoid dinning per the directions. I find that they clean really easily unless I burn something in them, which I have done, but even then it just takes more elbow grease, soap and a regular sponge to get it out. I am satisfied with my purchase and gifts and I do recommend them.

  • Ellen Marraffino said:

    I own the Todd English Green Pans, and I have loved them for a long time. Two nights ago, my husband burnt teryaki sauce (of all things) over the entire pan, and for the life of me, I cannot clean it!! Only my nails, (which are now ruined), are able to scrape a bit up at a time. I am going to have to throw them away if I can’t clean it. Any suggestions, besides going through all this hassle to get your money back?? I don’t have the energy, as I am disabled, and can’t keep going to the post office, and waiting on the phone all day.


  • Debi said:

    I started out with 2 smaller pots and a frypan set and totally loved the pans. I am slowly replacing all my old mismatched and Revereware that I started out with when I got married over 35 yrs. ago. This stuff is GREAT! I’ve been using mine for a couple of years now and I have NEVER had ANYTHING stick (and I didn’t even “condition” the pans … I guess I missed that part of the “instructions”). After using I could simply wipe them out , but on some occasions to be honest I’m just lazy and I rinse and throw them in the dishwasher – never seems to have hurt the performance at all. I would HIGHLY recommend and am buying them as a shower gift for my son and his fiancee!

  • Bernard said:

    Absolutely the worst pan I have ever used. After 4 or 5 meals, everything is now sticking to the surface. Rice, veggies, eggs, even sliced onions stick to the pan. At this very moment, it is soaking in an attempt to remove the meal that I cooked LAST NIGHT. It is also stained. Don’t buy this pan whatever you do!!! Go with Tefal or some other teflon coated pan.

    My wife 2 new teflon pans last night. And I still have a Tefal pan that is over 10 years old and still gets regular use. The Green Pan is going in the garbage can today!

  • lee said:

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    Also feel free to email me if you have some exclusive information on this subject, I don’t mind paying for great stuff!

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